Why can’t I Follow Anyone on Tiktok

why cant i follow anyone on tiktok

TikTok, the rapidly growing video social media platform, has revolutionized the way we connect and share content. However, like all social media networks, TikTok imposes certain follow limits to maintain a fair and safe environment for users. Understanding and adhering to these limits is crucial to ensure your TikTok journey remains smooth without encountering shadowbans or follow blocks. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into TikTok’s follow limits, strategies to avoid them, and tips for seamless TikTok growth.

In 2021, TikTok became the most downloaded app, offering diverse business opportunities. With in-app shopping, it’s now a vital tool for direct brand-customer connections. Essential for staying relevant in social media, businesses must embrace TikTok for effective audience engagement.

Navigating TikTok’s Follow Limits

How Many People Can You Follow on TikTok?

TikTok’s follow limits are in place to prevent misuse and spamming. Exceeding these limits can lead to repercussions, including the dreaded shadowban. So, let’s break down what you need to know to keep your TikTok account flourishing.

Warning Signs: “Following Too Fast”

If you’ve received a notification that you’re “following too fast,” take it as a warning sign. This message signals that you’ve exceeded TikTok’s follow limits and should immediately cease following more users. Ignoring this warning could lead to shadowbanning, limiting your video’s reach and, consequently, your growth potential.

Understanding TikTok’s Follow Limits

TikTok’s follow limits vary based on the age of your account. Newer accounts tend to have lower limits, while aged accounts may enjoy more leniency. Here’s a breakdown of TikTok’s follow limits:

  1. Daily Follow Limit:
  • New Accounts: Around 140 follows per day.
  • Aged Accounts: Potentially more, but it’s best not to exceed 200 follows per day.
  1. Hourly Follow Limit:
  • It’s advisable to distribute your follow actions evenly throughout the day.
  • Aim for approximately 25 follows per hour.
  1. Follow Session Limit:
  • You can perform up to 15 follow actions in one session.

The Follow-Unfollow Method on TikTok

The follow-unfollow method, which has seen success on platforms like Instagram, can also be effective on TikTok. When executed correctly, it can yield a follow ratio between 35% and 65%, depending on your niche. To make this method work for you:

  • Ensure your TikTok account is niche-focused.
  • Optimize your profile with an appealing profile image.
  • Create engaging and captivating videos to retain followers.

Automation to the Rescue: FuelTok TikTok Auto-Follow Tool

To manage TikTok’s follow limits without constantly monitoring your activity, consider using automation tools like FuelTok. FuelTok offers features like auto-follow, auto-unfollow, auto-likes, and auto-viewing of videos from users in your niche. It also provides engagement boosts, such as likes and views, when you post new content. This tool’s gradual approach to automation helps warm your account, mimicking normal user activity.

FuelTok offers three speed levels (Slow, Medium, and Fast) that adhere to TikTok’s follow limits, ensuring your account stays safe while growing organically. They even offer a free 7-day trial of their tool, making it a top choice for TikTok automation.

TikTok Account Limits in 2023

As of 2023, TikTok allows users to have up to three accounts on the same device, down from the previous limit of five. While some may view this as a limitation, it helps reduce spam on the platform. Attempting to create additional accounts beyond the limit using proxies is discouraged, as it may lead to account suspension.

Navigating the 10K Follower Limit

There’s a common misconception that TikTok only allows users to follow up to 2,000 accounts, necessitating unfollowing to follow more. However, it’s possible to follow up to 10,000 users on TikTok. Nevertheless, it’s essential to exercise caution. For niche-focused accounts, maintaining a smaller following can lead to more meaningful interactions and better content visibility.

Reaching 10K Followers: What to Expect

Following 10,000 users on TikTok is not recommended, as it triggers a follow limit that prevents further following unless you unfollow some users. Unfollowing this many accounts can be time-consuming, and there are also unfollow limits on TikTok to consider.

Dealing with Follow Blocks on TikTok

When you encounter follow blocks on TikTok, waiting for 1-2 hours before attempting to follow again is a prudent practice. This break allows TikTok’s algorithms to reset and reduces the likelihood of encountering further follow blocks.


Mastering TikTok’s follow limits is essential for maintaining a healthy and thriving TikTok account. By understanding the daily, hourly, and session limits, and by using strategic methods like follow-unfollow, you can effectively grow your TikTok presence while avoiding shadowbans and follow blocks. Utilizing automation tools like FuelTok can streamline your growth efforts, ensuring a safe and organic TikTok journey. Remember, quality engagement and niche-focused content are keys to TikTok success. Happy TikToking!

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