Insta Stalker

Anonymous Instagram Stories Viewer and Downloader

Instagram stalker is a free tool which allows you watch Instastories anonymously as well as download Instagram story and spy on any IG profile without anyone knowing. Our Insta stalker is 100% anonymous IG stalker where you don’t need to authenticate with your IG account, login, or enter your credentials – you don’t even need to have your own Instagram account for watching.

Watch Instagram Stories and Stalk IG Profiles with InstaStalker

AnonIG viewer is a simple and easy-to-use tool where you type the username or profile link(URL) of any public Instagram user, and you can see all active stories of that user. As all Instagram stories are temporary and usually disappear after 24 hours, it is up to you if you want to save them locally. You can download photo stories as jpg, png, or gif on your mobile/PC and video stories as MP4 format.

We do not save any story or file on our servers, so there is no way for us to give you access to past stories that you saw, so make sure you download and save them locally on your phone or computer for later viewing.

As our tool is fully web-based, so you don’t need to install any app, software, or extension. Insta stories viewer works on any device and OS including Android, and iOS devices such as iPhone/iPad, Windows/Linux PCs, and Apple’s MacBook. We have tested successful Instagram spying features on common web browsers as Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Why Insta Stalker is The Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

100% Anonymity - Safe and Secure

The account owner does not see your data in their views statistics. So using  anonyig viewer to watch stories and posts on Instagram from their web servers without any connection to your Instagram account.

No Login Required and No Registration

There is no need to make an Instagram account. You also have the chance to view account stories, reels and other multimedia publications without registration and application.

All Devices & OS Support

You can view and download stories, posts and other info for free on any device: computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android).

How to Use Insta Stalker

You’ll get full profile info including exact IG username and options to view stories anonymously or download locally in your device

Insta Stalker Features and Top Advantages

Insta Stalker is the best way to browse Instagram without registration and to stalk people online without getting yourself exposed. Here are some of the top features:

  • Really 100% anonymous, no tracking, no exposing.
  • Fast, secure and easy to use anonymous Instagram story viewer.
  • You can download anything & everything from Instagram.
  • Direct Instagram CDN & META links – faster & more secure.
  • Official IG API for 100% legal combability – no need for VPN.

That’s all you need to use Insta stalker to watch Instagram stories, photos, reels, videos, likes, followers and status etc.

You can download all images, videos, texts and pictures which are public by the user but you can’t get access to private files, messages and other private data that’s not open for public use.

So, using our Instastalk tool is 100% safe and legal as we use official Instagram API and doesn’t steal any data or hack into anything. You can use InstaStalker or StoriesIG viewer for 100% free of cost and you don’t need to pay for anything – you simply get free, unlimited use to stalk your crush, check your bestie’s profile, spy on your ex, and have all the fun you want.

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