How many people can you follow on Instagram

how many people can you follow on instagram

In the bustling world of Instagram, where connections and content rule, understanding and respecting Instagram’s follow limits are paramount to ensure a smooth journey on this social media giant. The message “We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram” may have popped up on your screen, leaving you puzzled. Fret not; this article will unravel the mysteries of Instagram’s restrictions, why they exist, and how to navigate them without a hitch. Let’s dive into the world of Instagram follow limits.

Decoding the “We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram” Message

Instagram places limitations on user activities for a reason – to combat spam and maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all. This is where effective social media management comes into play, ensuring that user interactions remain genuine and within the platform’s guidelines. Just like other social media platforms, Instagram has its share of bad actors who employ fake accounts and automated tools to engage in excessive liking, commenting, and following. This article aims to clarify the meaning of the often-seen “We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram” message and guide you on avoiding it through responsible social media practices.

Understanding the Message

This message appears when Instagram detects activities related to the use of a customer feedback apps that could be considered spam or a violation of its terms of service. These activities may include sending an excessive number of messages or rapidly following and unfollowing users. While this temporary freeze or suspension typically lasts a few hours, some accounts might face longer restrictions.

Instagram’s Mission: Protecting the Community

Instagram is committed to creating a secure and positive experience for its user community. Instagram encourages responsible use of Instagram group profiles to build genuine connections within communities of shared interests. Therefore, this message serves as a safeguard against spamming and other actions that breach Instagram’s terms of service. If you receive this message, it’s a signal to pause the activities leading to it and try again later.

Understanding Instagram’s Limitations

Instagram’s limitations aim to ensure fair and equitable user experiences. Violating these restrictions can lead to receiving the “We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram” message. To stay within these limitations, it’s crucial to be aware of them. Let’s delve into the specifics.

Instagram Follow Limits for 2023

Growing your Instagram following involves various strategies, such as organic growth through compelling content and effective hashtag use or the follow/unfollow approach. However, Instagram’s follow and unfollow limits have become more restrictive over the years. To maintain a healthy and engaging account, consider the following strategies.

Warming Up Your Account

Before delving into daily follow and unfollow limits, always “warm up” your Instagram account. If you’re starting a new account, gradually increase your activity to avoid action blocks. For instance:

  • Week 1: Follow 10-15 users per day
  • Week 2: Follow 25-35 users per day
  • Week 3: Follow 40-55 users per day
  • Week 4: Follow 55-75 users per day and so on

This gradual approach applies to daily unfollow limits as well.

Daily Follow Limits: Manual Following

When manually following users on Instagram, you can typically follow more users compared to automation. Daily limits may vary depending on your comfort level, but it’s essential to avoid hitting follow blocks. Here are two approaches:

  1.   Follow 100-120 users per day, unfollow 100-120 users per day.
  2.   Follow 220-250 users per day for 15 days, then unfollow 220-250 users per day for 15 days.

Avoid liking posts immediately after following, as it can trigger action blocks.

Daily Follow Limits: Automation

For automated follow/unfollow using tools like Jarvee, remember to:

  • Use tools that emulate mobile devices to avoid detection.
  • Utilize social media proxies if automating multiple accounts.
  • Implement a gradual approach:
  1.   Follow 80-100 users per day, unfollow 80-100 users per day.
  2.   Follow 175-200 users per day for 15 days, then unfollow 175-200 users per day for 15 days.

These strategies help you reach a maximum of 3,000 follows and 3,000 unfollows per month.

Instagram Follow Limit Per Hour

To appear more natural and maintain account health, distribute your daily follow and unfollow limits over 12 hours. Avoid following more than 10 users per hour to align with daily limits.

Engaging with Content: Likes and Comments

Instagram allows you to manually like up to 150 posts per day safely. Leveraging the “after follow” option in tools like Jarvee can enhance engagement and increase follow-back rates.

Commenting is more restrictive. Begin slowly with 3-5 comments per day, gradually increasing to a maximum of 30 comments daily. Verified accounts may enjoy more leniency.

Direct Messaging Limit

There is a 30 messages limit imposed by Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) per day to users who aren’t following you. Repeatedly exceeding this limit can result in permanent account disablement.

The Follow/Unfollow Mother-Child Growth Method

For those avoiding follow/unfollow on their main accounts, consider the mother-child growth method. This innovative approach automates several accounts to direct attention to your main account. Here’s how it works:

  • “Mother” account: Your primary account.
  • “Child” accounts: Accounts used to spotlight the main account.

Set up the child accounts to post content tagged with the main account’s handle and relevant hashtags. Use automation tools for following/unfollowing within daily limits and employ the auto-DM feature to welcome new followers to your main account.

Instagram Follow Limits Update for 2023

As of our latest findings, the recommended follow limits are as follows:

  • Daily follow limit: 200 per day (though it’s advisable to keep it around 150-180 per day).
  • Daily unfollow limit: 200 per day (similarly, aim for 150-180 per day).
  • Daily like limit: 150 per day.
  • Daily comment limit: 30 per day.

To minimize the risk of action blocks, consider using burner or scraper accounts for data collection, reducing the load on your main account(s).

New Update on Following Limits

It’s worth noting that recent developments suggest following fewer than 100 users per day is advisable to prevent Instagram account blocks. These limits are still under observation, and any changes will be promptly updated.


Navigating Instagram’s follow limits is an essential aspect of maintaining a thriving and secure Instagram presence. By understanding daily, hourly, and session limits, as well as adopting the right strategies, you can grow your Instagram account effectively while avoiding action blocks and account restrictions. Whether you choose the follow/unfollow method or the mother-child growth approach, success on Instagram depends on adhering to these guidelines. As Instagram evolves, staying informed and adaptable is key to your continued success. Happy Instagramming!

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