What is Instagram Live and How to Boost Views (2023)

What is Instagram Live and How to Boost Views

Would you like your Insta page to flourish, more people to know about you, and publications to be recommended to a potential audience? Well, in this case, you need a powerful promotion strategy that will work for the growth of your account.

There are many different tools for perfect marketing on Instagram, but the best thing you can get is different content formats. Be that as it may, content is the key element on your page. Without it, the profile looks empty and lifeless, and you, as the author, lose your visibility. That’s why content and its formats are one of the main keys to success.

Nevertheless, some posts are becoming popular and in demand, while others are not. Why? The reason is simple – people want diversity and dynamics. That’s why stopping at promoting one type of posts is a way to nowhere. If you are aiming to find your niche, increase your follower base and strengthen your presence through social media live streaming, this article is for you.

In today’s post, we’ll figure out what insta live is, why users love this format and how to improve stats. You’ll also find info about  the opportunity to buy Instagram live views – this is an especially relevant tool if you need the result here and now. Keep reading!

What is the difference between video and IG live?

The big difference between live video and a usual clip is the ability to share information with users in real time. This type of content allows authors to strengthen their connection with the audience and open up new opportunities for interaction.

Through live events, entrepreneurs and influencers broadcast various information to their viewers and attract new ones. Most often, live events are used for entertainment or training, but they can also be commercial. As an example, if you are an entrepreneur and are planning to launch a new collection of products, IG live is an ideal option.

Users love streams. Why? Live videos are a kind of opportunity to chat with their favorite creators at the moment. That is, viewers can instantly get answers to their questions, give advice or take part in discussions. This would be impossible in a typical video, but live streaming opens up such opportunities for them, allowing for dynamic interaction and real-time engagement that traditional video content cannot match.

How to increase views? 

As we mentioned above, live events are a great format that opens up more opportunities for your viewers. That’s not all – you can get more audience through live videos and encourage them to interact with you.

But before your videos start working for you, you need to have an idea which tactics will support and improve your stats.

We have collected the best strategies to get more live views : 

  • Announce upcoming streams

Your viewers don’t know how to read minds – this is the main idea  you need to understand. If you want your streams to be visited by as many of the current audience as possible, start announcing upcoming events for them in advance.

Do it a few days : ideally, if you announce 48 and 24 hours before the start. This is the best option – you won’t make too many announcements, but followers will see the information they need. If you are too busy, you can even consider hiring a social media virtual assistant to take care of these details for you, as well as moderate during the livestream to ensure everything is in order with the event.

Be sure to specify the date, time and main topic. You can also create a little mystery around your stream if you’re planning a surprise for the audience. As an example, you can inform that one of the viewers will be presented with a special prize, but don’t specify the details. This will encourage users to visit your live stream.

  • Use a third-party service

In addition to organic and natural ways of promotion, you can also use paid ones like soclikes – in combination with the rest, they give the best result. The advantage of this method is that you don’t need a “base”.

That is, you can buy as many views as you need at any stage of your growth. They are just as organic, but you don’t have to waste your time and effort.

  • Invite guests

Collaborations are a great option to get double views and interactions. Analyze your niche, find an ideal influencer or entrepreneur (not direct competitors) and offer them a joint stream. This way you’ll get a new audience and become more visible. Good luck!

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